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Cross returning to veterans memorial park inside 'free speech zone'

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    Cross returning to veterans memorial park inside 'free speech zone'

    Praise the Holy Lord, they are winning for once!!

    Cross returning to veterans memorial park inside 'free speech zone' | Fox News

    A Minnesota city that drew backlash after pulling a cross from a veterans memorial park has agreed to bring it back as early as Tuesday -- inside a section of the park that supporters have called a "free speech zone."

    The Freedom From Religion Foundation demanded the city of Belle Plaine remove the cross last month, claiming it violated the separation of church and state. After workers took it down, many supporters of vets responded by setting up their own crosses, and the Second Brigade Motorcycle Club patrolled the park to watch out for vandalism.

    Amid the controversy in that city, the Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative Christian nonprofit, proposed setting up a "limited public forum" inside the park, where the original cross could stand, Fox 9 reported. The name "free speech zone" has stuck, even though the park is public.

    I find myself baffled that it was removed in the first place. The cross represented a grave, not a faith, so did they remove the entire memorial or just leave the soldier kneeling in front of nothing? I thought free speech was a right in the US, so I'm not sure why the city would have to declare a special zone for it to have a memorial put up. Could they have leased the exact area of land it stood on to the Veterans for 99years for a peppercorn, making the memorial private property to get round the problem?

    Those people must really hate the Normandy cemeteries, but I'd like to see the French government's reaction if anyone tried to remove the crosses from there!


      The Freedom From Religion Foundation pushes a supposed clause in the Constitution that requires a separation of church and state. They use that as an excuse to try to remove every Christian symbol from the public view. They can't do anything about private property so they go after courthouses, parks and national monuments etc.


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