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Fantastic Insights From Ravi Zecharias

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    Fantastic Insights From Ravi Zecharias

    This is a fantastic piece from Ravi Zecharias reflecting on the state of affairs in America and our recent election.

    A New Year with New Hope | RZIM

    So I ask, how does a thoughtful person describe the present as bereft of hope? There are two possible answers: the first is what I call the reverse of a feared crossing of purposes. The secular critic despairs at the possibility of the politicization of religion. Rightly so. But what has replaced that fear is equally dreaded, if not worse: making a religion out of politics. Yes indeed, politics is the new creed of the faithless, replacing spiritual truths with the hollow hope of political dominance. Power does corrupt when one loses sight of the vertical dimension of life. We endured a blood-letting slugfest of words on the road to the election. Once the electorate spoke, the losers have tried every conceivable trick in the book to malign the victors. Who would have ever thought that the feuding would continue so long after the voting was done? Why is there such bitterness in the loss? I can only conclude that the deepest convictions of the average person are born from their political theory and that this gives them their creed on all choices and values.
    But there is something deeper. We have become a people bereft of faith. Faith was never intended to be rooted in power and control. Faith was intended to be the commitment of the heart in tune with the intellect, holding certainty as a gift from God who alone holds the pieces to our destiny. The writer to the Hebrews talks about faith as the substance of things hoped for, the essence of things not seen. There you have it, an eternal perspective that is the true essence of time. A life without hope is a life without justifiable faith, a life that rests in a hollow, self-aggrandizing reaction to reality.
    The whole piece is really good, but Mr Zacharias' closing statement is truly lovely:

    Have a wonderful new year and make it count for eternity.
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