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Texas now requires fetal remains to be buried after abortions

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    Texas now requires fetal remains to be buried after abortions

    In a matter of weeks, rules covering how fetal remains can be disposed of will get an overhaul in Texas.

    Aborted fetuses will now have to be either buried or cremated.

    It's a blow to abortion rights groups who are concerned with women not being able to cover the cost of the procedures.

    The new rules say that health care facilities, including hospitals and abortion clinics, will no longer be allowed to dispose of fetal remains in sanitary landfills, leaving cremation or burial the only options.

    "When the little one is conceived, they deserve a proper way of saying goodbye and it doesn't need to be in a landfill that's for sure," said **** Tips, owner of Mission Park Funeral Homes.

    Even though the rules change later this month, they only apply to procedures at healthcare facilities, not to miscarriages or abortions that happen outside of those facilities, like at home.

    Despite the new regulations, **** Tips of Mission Park Funeral Homes says that it won't change what they do, burying or cremating fetal remains at no cost to the family.

    "We've been family business for 110 years and it's just been family policy to not do that," Tips said.

    The office of the governor applauded the new rules. A statement read, in part:

    "Governor Abbott believes human and fetal remains should not be treated like medical waste, and the proposed rule changes affirms the value and dignity of all life. For the unborn, the mothers and the hospital and clinic staff, the governor believes it is imperative to establish higher standards that reflect our respect for the sanctity of life."

    Abortion rights groups opposed the new regulations saying it will lead to an increased burden on women and intrusion into patient privacy.

    Over at Mission Park, Tips is hoping there's a clear understanding of the new regulations for everyone involved.

    "We are happy to sit down with the legislators or the governor to see what we can do to all work with each other to make things easier for those that are left behind," Tips said.

    State officials say that the new rules will take effect December 19.

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