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Gee I Wonder what this number could be made up of?

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  • Gee I Wonder what this number could be made up of?

    95 million American workers not in US labor force

    This just shows that media outlets and these "economy experts" are completely out of touch with the people in this country.

    There is a large portion of the number stated in this article that is represented by people have given up looking for work. That is not to say they are not earning money, it is just that they are not part of the main workforce collecting a paycheck on a weekly/biweekly basis. There is a number of these who do freelance work, they do side jobs and the like and are paid under the table.

    There are also those, like my wife, who stay at home and look after the kids and the household. This does not mean these people are a waste of space or not pulling their weight in society. I will put it to you that many of these people are working harder than many people being paid in the $10-$25 per hour range. I know from first hand experience that many people who have office jobs barely do anything to earn the wage they "earned."
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