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He is his own attorney

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  • He is his own attorney

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    You know what they say about that, right?

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    Dylann Roof on Monday said he disagreed with the judge's decision to strike a woman from jury service. Roof said the woman's support of the death penalty for people convicted of multiple murders also likely means she could also "consider everything" in terms of punishment.
    Isn't this like stating that because a person believes in Justice that they are prejudiced and biased for the side of Justice?

    God bless,

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      This just further shows how incompetent he is to act as his own attorney. He will ultimately end up losing this trial, unless he loses so bad he is somehow able to claim insanity.

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        Whatever happens I am sure it will not end well.

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          Betcha there will be a mistrial, or he'll have grounds in the future to appeal because he represented himself. Mere hundreds of thousands of dollars at the tax payer's expense.
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