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Stop Watching the News!

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    Stop Watching the News!

    I know this may take a while to gain some traction, but I think this country will be much better off in the long run. Just stop watching the main stream news media. Once they get the point that we no longer listen to them and their "experts" we will start to turn a corner and actually get the information we need, not what they think we need.

    This includes CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, etc...

    Just stop watching!

    Last night I turned on the TV and it was on ABC News. The News first began by showing Hillary talking about how the election was rigged. Then the news shifted to protests about dissolving the Electorial College. They want a true democracy. The way I see it... . a true democracy will always be limited by the voters voting into office someone that promises generous gifts from the U.S. treasury - as an historian once said, the avg age of such a democracy is around 225 years because it will collapse from loose fiscal policy. For this reason the politician promising the most entitlements and bribery gets the majority vote, I thank goodness for the Electorial College, because this is exactly what is happening now. Our forefathers were some pretty intelligent men that had wonderful foresight.

    Lets turn to protesters, the L.A. Police chief said they would not comply with Trump's immigration laws, and University students want Universities to be safe havens or sanctuaries for illegal immigrants. That's right, undocumented immigrants.

    Personally, I hope under Trump, the Federal government pulls funding from the L.A. P.D. and also California educational institutions that do not comply with the Federal Government. Live with what we have lived with for these last 8 miserable years! And in other news Obama wants to school Trump. I mean come on, one of the worst presidents in the history of the United States wants to ruin the next president?

    The liberal irony is that they want a true democracy but they love the executive pen! The last news showed how Democrats now want to work with Republicans!!!! What choice do they have, the nation has now elected the Republican party to control Congress, the Senate, and the Presidency. A total Trifecta!

    God bless,

      I do enjoy seeing the articles coming out about Obama calling out Trump to "stand up against Putin" and how he needs to start "taking the office seriously." Really? This coming from the guy who played golf every other week of his presidency, and who pretty much just sat back and sent our men and women in uniform overseas to fight lost causes all over the place.

      Obama has no grounds to be telling Trump what to do.
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