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Survey: Majority of Evangelicals Not Voting Trump

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    Survey: Majority of Evangelicals Not Voting Trump

    A recently-released survey by LifeWay Research has revealed that over half of evangelicals say they will not vote for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

    In order to analyze evangelical political trends, the survey first identified evangelicals by asking four questions about foundational evangelical beliefs on the Bible, the crucifixion, salvation, and evangelism.

    According to Christianity Today, 17 percent of those surveyed qualified as having evangelical beliefs.

    The survey then looked at the political views among this group and found that 45 percent said they support Trump while 31 percent said they support Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

    A complete breakdown of the survey results show, in addition to the respective support for Trump and Clinton, eight percent support for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and 15 percent who say they are still undecided.

    When evangelicals are split between races, however, the results are much different. Among white evangelicals, support for Trump is significant (65 percent), as opposed to support for Clinton (only 10 percent). But with African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians, the results are reversed, with 62 percent favoring Clinton over the 15 percent supporting Trump.

    “This group of Christians shares the same core beliefs, but they don’t vote the same way,” said LifeWay executive director Scott McConnell. “There are significant cultural and political divides among evangelicals that will remain long after the election is over.”

    Source: Survey: Majority of Evangelicals Not Voting Trump - Christian News Headlines

    There is a good chance that it will not matter whether the majority of Christians support Donald Trump or not. The Clinton campaign has been caught again with rigging the election by sending out people to cause problems at the Trump rallies.
    They also have paid people to lie about Donald Trump, which the lying has barely been touched by most of the mainstream news, even though the people who were claiming that Trump said something or touched them inappropriately many years ago are now women who are affiliated with Hillary Clinton.
    Women who have come forward to refute the lies have been completely ignored by the press.
    Since all of our media in the United States (and pretty much world-wide) is controlled by the same 5-6 mega-corporations, it is no wonder that they all spout the same storyline from all of the media.
    Franklin Graham, the son of Evangelist Billy Graham is a strong supporter of Donald Trump, as are many of the other well-known Christian leaders.

    This video is about the deceit being practiced by the Democratic party and the Clinton campaign. These people use some VERY bad language, so be forewarned before you listen to the video. If you can get past the filthy language they use, you will have an eye-opening view about what is really happening in this election.

    Spoiler Alert!
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