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New Trump Accusations

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  • New Trump Accusations

    A number of women have come out accusing Trump of additional sexual misconduct. Is this real or are these coming from opportunistic shills who are just trying to torpedo his campaign?

    What do you think?
    I believe the accusations
    The accusers are just in it for the publicity
    Who the heck cares, I am voting for Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck

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    I think Trump could at least not give his opponents so much fire power. If I am to speculate, I have to ask myself whether his behavior then and now is consistent to what I know. Having said that, he gives me no reason to believe him.

    God bless,

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      I don't think he actually was serious about running for president until last year, which means prior to that he wasn't really concerned how he looked in the public eye since he was a private business owner. Sure he was on a hit reality tv show, but his personal life really had no bearing on what happened during that show. Anyone whose life goal was to become the President of the country would have had their public and private image in mind the whole time they were building their career (or at least they should).

      Now when he got to the point of seriously considering a run then he should have taken a good long look at his past and identified what, if anything, could have been shown in a bad light in order to discredit him as a viable candidate. At least that is the approach he should have taken.
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