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Bye Bye Sea World.

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  • Bye Bye Sea World.

    Well our wonderful environmental activists have gotten their way again, at least in California.

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    Originally posted by Knotical View Post
    Well our wonderful environmental activists have gotten their way again, at least in California.
    What do you think about the law? Personally, I thought keeping such a large animal in captivity was cruel. In Washington State, I remember a Gorilla named Ivan that was kept for most of its life in a small cage, so small that he couldn't stand up. I thought the protestors at the time had a solid case of inhuman treatment towards an animal.

    Governor Brown, just yesterday in the local News rejected lowering or eliminating taxes on baby diapers. Brown said the State cannot afford to lose that income, mind you, this is after many liberals are claiming California has the best economy out of 50 states. No doubt, if California does have a good economy it is because of overly taxing its citizens. If Sea World goes out of business, I can't imagine how much revenue the State will lose, but according to the article, there's a loophole, if an animal is kept in captivity for research and educational purposes, well than that's just okay. Obviously, that provision is there for animal testing drugs etc.

    God bless,

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      I guess it goes to whether or not one feels it is ok to keep an animal in captivity for entertainment purposes. Of course this has probably stemmed from the environmentalists feeling that a killer whale's living conditions is not acceptable (whatever that standard should be), and sure any tank they would put the thing in will be smaller than its natural habitat (the ocean), but we need something to ooh and aah at, right?

      Then again with this kind of thinking they will eventually put all zoos out of business. Not they make a whole lot of money in the first place, and are generally supported by their local municipalities, but they would certainly be losing a cultural outlet, and tourist attraction.
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