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Trumps biggest problem? Possibly getting into the race too soon.

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    Trumps biggest problem? Possibly getting into the race too soon.

    It appears to me after watching the ever unfolding presidential race that Trump may have gotten into the race too soon and he just does not have the endurance to make it to the finish line. Too many waning poll numbers and bad reports about his comments, coupled with many people just getting tired of his antics may ultimately lose him the presidency. There has been a recent shake-up among his staffers which may be a prelude into a dramatic change in strategy heading into the last couple/few months of this race.

    The novelty of him running for office may have ultimately worn off, but we shall see.

    I might have to agree with you but I also think there is enough angry people that even if the yard sick of him will vote because they don't want Clinton. The novelty of him got old after the first six months but the other two were completely insane options. Clinton is a felon who has a history of flip flopping on her stances as soon as her follower's opinion's change. Bernie was kind of charming in his own crazy way but nothing he says is sound and has a history of failing. This presidential race has been a train wreck from the beginning.
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