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The pitfalls of many pollsters during an election year.

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  • The pitfalls of many pollsters during an election year.

    What we are starting to see this election year is even though there are poll results coming out constantly showing who is more popular among voters, the polls are not accurately reflecting what voters actually feel. The reason? They don't put all of the options in the polls they should. many of the polls will only put a few names in from which people to choose. In many of them now it is just Trump, Clinton, and sometimes Sanders. But they what they are not putting is really telling because I think the media outlets really don't want to see the truth, that being that the majority of likely voters do not want to vote for any of those three.

    This is the year, I feel, we will see a strong showing of people voting for third parties regardless of the consequences. Personally, I jumped on that bandwagon during the last election as I wrote in my vote, and did not throw my vote away on Romney/Ryan.

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    I know I won't be voting for any of those three. I intend to check out the nominees o at leastf the Libertarian and Constitution parties.
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      The only alternative that I see to either of the big two is the Libertarian party, however, I am just not completely sold on Gary Johnson, much less the entire Libertarian party platform. It really may be time to launch a write in candidate campaign.

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        I have always hated politics. There have been lots of conflicts (especially in my country) involving politics, with the mass killings, assassinations of journalists, silencing of critics, and to be honest, the people always fall for the same old nepotism during election time. There are only a few families that rotate in the positions (both nationally and locally) and I really hated that, but since it is a democracy and the vote of the many counts, I guess everyone else has to deal with the results. It's a really frustrating experience too, because most voters honestly do not know what is best for them, and are only looking through the ads on TV and radio to decide their vote.

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          Most of the polls are skewed because they are owned by liberals, so they tend to favor Clinton. But even Fox hates Trump, so he only occasionally does well on the polls. I stopped looking at the polls last year because they didn't reflect the reality of what was happening. The news machine is so used to filtering information for it's own agenda and clipping segments of a whole statement to get views that it's lost the bigger picture of the story. If they weren't so biased and narrow in their approach they could have shut down Trump last year. All they had to do was stop filming him and showing him say his outrageous statements, and he wouldn't have become the Republican nominee. But in the end it's about money, and he's making them the most. At the end of the day, journalism, the real kind is dead. It's sad that my generation was more informed about the news and politics watching a stand up comedian than the news station. I'll probably vote Trump simply because I can't stand Clinton.
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