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Banning God From the Pledge of Allegiance

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  • Banning God From the Pledge of Allegiance

    I just want to know your opinion of whether or not God should be in the Pledge of Allegiance. I was talking with a friend who is an atheist, and she surprised me with saying that no true atheist is offended by saying God in the pledge because it was written in historical times and is part of its history. I'm biased because I'm Christian and always assumed that other religions just imagined their gods when they said it. Do you think it's really oppressive to include God in the pledge at a public school or are people being ridiculous? Is their an actual valid counter argument for removing it?

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    Whether the phrase "under God" should remain in the pledge depends on what is meant by it. If it expresses the belief that God is ultimately in control of our nation just as he is of every other nation it should remain. If it means that our country has submitted to God and is trying to obey him it is false and in order to avoid hypocrisy we should remove it. I believe it was added to express the second belief and if that is the case we should remove it because it is no longer true.
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      Removing God from the pledge or any oath for that matter is like saying "the" most important commandment is to love your neighbor. Without God what we deem proper and loving is quite different than when God is made the above standard, a standard that defines and dictates proper love. Putting God above or us under places everything else into perspective under the standard according to the standard bearer.
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