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Chief of VA Health Care System Steps Down

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    Chief of VA Health Care System Steps Down

    Dr. Poonam Alaigh, acting undersecretary for health since May, told VA employees that she was resigning for family reasons.


    As a vet that depends upon all my health care, there seems to be some real serious problems that no one has really made the changes that must take place. For one doctor's that have a history of poor performance, seldom get fired. At the VA Medical center where I go millions of building projects have been done, and some more are on the drawing board. However the Blood Draw Lab only has one type of needle size to draw blood. The beds in the hospital are quite old and are very difficult to sleep on. Pay for employees and doctors has been frozen for way too long, and several top notch doctors have quit, just because they can't get a schedule that they can count on and have a consistent home life. ER doctors are often residents in training, or older doctors that could not keep a job elsewhere. One such ER doctor made a mistake that caused me to be removed from a hospital that the VA sent me to for tests. This caused me to have to come back two days later to have the tests done. I have had a doctor take me off my blood thinner, and two months later I had clots in my lungs. This all has happened to me from 2003.

    The VA needs someone that will really make some changes that effects the vets for good. Under President Obama pay increases were almost as bad as under President Reagan there were no increases. Many may say great things about Mr. Reagan, but when he was Governor of CA he increased the sales tax and the property tax so much the voters had to vote on Prop. ( to lower property taxes. He fell asleep in Caninet meetings and nancy was involved with cult activities. So my hope is president Trump will help the USA and vets.



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