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Naval Academy to Discuss 2 Buildings Named for Confederates

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    Naval Academy to Discuss 2 Buildings Named for Confederates

    A panel at the Naval Academy will discuss whether two buildings should remain named after officers who fought for the Confederacy.


    The article said the buildings were named for those men because of accomplishments that were not connected with their involvement with the Confederacy. It seems to me that this fact alone justifies their retaining the names.
    Clyde Herrin's Blog

      You'd think so. However, in this world today American's are being made to feel they need to apologize if they're white. And apologize for their history. In the case of the Confederacy and the civil war the irony that the news doesn't have the courage to report is, the domestic terrorists that are black and vandalizing civil war statues are able to do that because of the civil war! Rather than still working in the fields as property.
      Black lies matter! The racism that is being permitted to gain ground in this country with the concessionary removal of civil war statues is obscene.

      One day we're going to regret we allowed ourselves to lack courage standing against domestic terrorists. But long ago a Communist leader predicted that when America fell she would fall from within.

      Maybe these are the days.

      That the naval academy is even contemplating this is ridiculous.
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