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Biting The Hand: In Rare Move, North Korea Threatens China

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    Biting The Hand: In Rare Move, North Korea Threatens China

    North Korea’s rhetoric is spinning out of control.

    In the midst of threatening to launch pre-emptive attacks against South Korea, Japan and the United States, the totalitarian state did something unexpected – and profoundly stupid:

    They threatened China.

    China is practically the regime’s only ally – at least the only one that matters. It provide the vast majority of North Korea’s imports, to food and fuel to cars and construction equipment.

    Still, the North issued a rare direct threat of China through their state-run media, saying that China’s “reckless remarks” on the North’s nuclear program are testing its patience and could trigger “grave” consequences, The New York Post reports.

    Earlier this year, China suspended imports of North Korean coal – in keeping with UN sanctions, and has been actively trying to get its traditional ally to stop nuclear testing and missile activities. In state media, Chinese Communist officials have regularly issued harsh criticisms of Kim Jong-Un’s regime.

    North Korea’s reaction – printed in the Korean Central News Agency – said that “a string of absurd and reckless remarks are now heard from China every day only to render the present bad situation tenser.”

    The article cited commentary by Chinese state media, saying they were shifting blame for deteriorating relations onto the north and raised “lame excuses for the base acts of dancing to the tune of the US.”

    “China should no longer try to test the limits of the DPRK’s patience,” the North Korean commentary said, using the acronym for its official name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. “China had better ponder over the grave consequences to be entailed by its reckless act of chopping down the pillar of the DPRK-China relations.”

    Analyst Cheong Seong-chang at South Korea’s private Sejong Institute said the North’s discontent with China appears to be on the “verge of exploding.” He said North Korea will likely ignore China from now on while trying to strengthen ties with Russia and improve relations with a new South Korean government to be inaugurated next week.

    The Global Times, an outspoken nationalist tabloid published by China’s ruling Communist Party’s flagship People’s Daily, warned in a Thursday editorial that the North’s actions threatened a 1961 treaty of non-aggression between the two countries. It called on the North to end its nuclear tests.

    “China will not allow its northeastern region to be contaminated by North Korea’s nuclear activities,” the Global Times declared.

    In recent days, the paper also warned that China was able to strike back “at any side that crosses the red line” and would impose an oil embargo against the North in response to any more tests. The North Korean commentary said it’s China that’s crossed “the red line.”

    The People’s Daily declared Sunday — and again Tuesday — that the North’s nuclear ambitions “put itself and the whole region into dire peril.”

    Source: North Korea Just Made A BIG MISTAKE

    Hmmm, I wonder if there is any truth to the rumor that China was amassing 150k troops along the northern border.

      Alongside the term Napoleon complex, there should be a complex named after Kim.

      Picking a fight with China? Really?

        Ok, I will admit I read that and blinked. Alienating their only ally is not bright, and Russian is likely to laugh at them. At least we know that Trump moving navy vessels into the area and taking action against North Korea won't necessarily cause a problem with China because North Korea ia already causing problems with China. Last year I'd heard China had sent 30,000 troops to the border to block defectors, but if that's gone up to 150,000 now that's more than just border policing.

          This really makes me wonder if the Lord is about to shine some Light into NK the hard way...

            I wonder if anyone would believe that China would take North Korea's statement of aggression seriously. We should all know by now that North Korea is more bark than bite. It has been this way for a long time so I don't believe that we should get all worked up when their leader makes these utterances.
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