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I have failed Jesus Christ.

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  • I have failed Jesus Christ.

    I call myself a Christian but little did I know I fell away from my faith a long time ago. I was focused on my earthly goals for four years now and never completely surrendered my life to Christ like I thought I did. My faith was tested by God but I fail every time. I am not and do not deserve to be Christ's disciple right now with my disobedience to Jesus Christ. I live a earthly life every day, go to college and work, and hanging out with my family. It's hard to break out of that and to follow Christ completely. I do not have the desire to follow God the way he wants me to be and I feel completely empty inside. I want Jesus's love and that's all I truly need, but I just can't live a life Christ wants me to live. Please help me.

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    A life with Christ is journey, not a destination. So, there will be times when you will question your faith, but as long as you understand that nothing you do will either earn you salvation, nor remove it from you once you have accepted Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. The freeing aspect about a life with Christ is anytime you stumble (sin) you always have the option to repent and ask Christ for forgiveness. You have identified a weakness in yourself, which is something, most likely, He has put on your heart to work on. Now is the time to pray and ask for His help in overcoming this obstacle that is preventing you from glorifying Him. He will always see you through.
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