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Praying always

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    Praying always

    Hello, I just wanted to talk about if it is wrong that I do not always pray. Earlier I was praying to God to help keep myself in check when I was playing a video game so that I never sin in my life. Was it wrong of me to play the video game and pray to God at the same time that I am careful?

    If we are commanded to pray all the time it seems to me that should include while we are playing video games or taking part in any other kind of activity.
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      As a born-again believer -- prayer is the way we communicate with God through Jesus Christ. Our attitudes / activities should be done with Christ in mind. Are we doing things that are pleasing to Him.

      Praying is Not a 'good deed' to ensure our salvation. Praying to keep you from sinning in your life? So you pray While you're playing a video game? so you won't be sinning? Maybe you shouldn't be playing the video game?! So praying while you're doing something insures that you're not sinning. Doesn't work that way. In all we do, in word or deed, do all to the glory of God.

      If - while you are playing the video game, you are being convicted that that's Not what you should be doing. Then Stop Playing the video game. Talk to God about it -- prayer -- confess to Him that you were wrong in playing that particular game or video games of any kind. I shouldn't do that any more. Please forgive me -- help me to do those things that are pleasing to You. In Jesus Name , Amen.

      Then replace that Wrong activity with a Right activity. Don't just sit by that video game thing and twiddle your thumbs waiting for God to put something else in it's place. It doesn't mean you're required to read your Bible for half an hour -- simply go do something else -- take a walk -- get some exercise. Clean your room. Rake your yard.

        Our God loves us! He gave his only son for us! Praying to Him is always a good thing, When you pray you should be comfortable in your prayer...
        If you doubt the circumstance in which you are praying, maybe you should consider the moment in which you are praying....
        The action of doubt is only a red flag to yourself in the moment... But you are keeping the line of communication open to God and THAT is a good thing!
        Remember, God gives you the freedom to explore your choices in life, AND he allows all circumstances to our choices to be felt & experienced...
        Share your doubts with God, you can always ask for strength though the blood of Jesus who died for us....
        Remembering that you are on the right path to salvation if you are open and honest in your heart when you ask for His help!!
        God loves even the weakest christian who asks for His help!
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