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Bonding with animals?

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  • Bonding with animals?

    Dogs and even to some extent cats are possible with having a deep bond with, but what about other animals? Cows, pigs, dolphins, apes and even some birds can form a good bond with humans. What do you believe with bonding with other creatures? Do you think it not only helps the animal but also helps you in a way, and see it as valuable as bonding with your fellow man? Also, what about reptiles? Most reptiles are not as intelligent as the animals I just mentioned but some can be trained. There is actually a video on youtube of a man voice commanding his lizards like lizards and there was an incident where a man from Costa Rica bonded with a crocodile. Do you think to some extent reptiles like lizards and crocodiles can be trained and tamed to a degree, not as well as dogs but not too far off? Do you have any personal bonds with any animals?

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    When God created Adam he placed all other living creatures under his control. Animals that bond with humans are closer to the state God originally intended for them than wild animals are.
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