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    My profound apologies to those who hate me here or that i have offended by anything i have said or posted.

    My intent is not to offend anyone, but to share not only what I believe, but why i believe it.

    Sometimes this is not easy to do in a short couple-of-line post.

    You have a lot of good stuff to share -- but it's done in the form of long sermons at times. And you come across as very opinionated at times. As if the Forum is your congregation. You're not our pastor and we're not your congregation.

    Every one has 'our belief' and want to share it as well as why we believe whatever it is. Conversation - style works very well.

    Your posts regarding KJV / NKJV is a good example of what Not to do.

    A couple of short paragraphs as compared to a LONG page arranged as a sermon.

      Well said Sue D. Calvarystudy Please don't feel low as I don't think you have offended anyone. Everyone has their opinions and views and each one of us is unique in expressing it. It all lies in the way we express it. :) So nice of you.
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