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1 Peter 3:7

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  • 1 Peter 3:7

    How is the woman the weaker vessel???

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    BDAG (3rd Edition): of physical weakness (asthenēs, page 142).

    Remember though that apart from the Lord Jesus Samson was probably the strongest man that every lived and yet we read in Judges 16:16 concerning Delilah:
    She nagged him with her words day after day and begged him until he became worn out to the point of death. (Common English Bible)

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      On average, men are physically stronger than women.
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        Originally posted by 2404 View Post
        How is the woman the weaker vessel???
        eve was deceived

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          Originally posted by rnmomof7 View Post

          eve was deceived
          I like your answer.
          can you expound it a bit?

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            Women are physically weaker than men. Secondly, they are more sensitive and are able to trust others more than men.

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              I'm never offended when Peter describes me as the 'weaker vessel' probably in the physical sense. But there are many examples of women in the Bible that are the epitome of godly strength in character and godly disposition. While God commands men to dwell with us with understanding and love as we, women, help them-- support them be the men they ought to be in responsibility and role.

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                When Eve was deceived, we were cursed and it is written "Men shall rule over women." Notice it does not say "should" but rather "shall."

                Also, prophetesses have existed; or rather, a woman who has more divine authority than that of preacher which women are forbidden of becoming. These are extremely rare though, because women need overcome both lust (What men must overcome) and motherly empathy instincts that steer them from harsh, unrelenting instructions from the Lord who demands either/or obedience.
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