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Do animals go to heaven?

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    Do animals go to heaven?

    Please note, I'm not asking the standard "will I see my pet in heaven?" question, as Heaven is about a relationship with God not earthly relationships.

    Can an animal have that relationship or be saved in its own right? I've heard multiple answers across different faiths so I am curious what the views are here. Everything from the basic statement that St. Francis preached to the animals because they could be saved, to saying that animals could be saved if they had been accepted as part of a family that were saved (I think that was based on children and animals being by default below the age of choice), to a church group saying no but preaching a very complicated reincarnation theory for animal spirits which I couldn't find a Biblical basis for.

    For myself I follow the Church of England's official line. The Lambeth Conference 1998 stated that while makind was the steward of and had mastery over animals: "(iii) the redemptive purpose of God in Jesus Christ extends to the whole of creation."

    Which belief do you follow?

    Nope. God spoke all of creation into existence by fiat (God just 'said so') and God destroyed most of it once by flood and promises to destroy ALL of it by fire next time (the old heaven and the old earth passed away). Except Man. For man God breathed His spirit into man in order to make man not just a living being (like the animals), but a living being created in the image of God.

    God may or may not create new animals for his new heaven and earth (He has not consulted with me on his plans), but animals are inelidgabe for salvation, sanctification and glorification through the Blood of Jesus Christ.

    (My opinion),

      This is a question that I think has been asked (at least in our thoughts) by everyone who has had and lost a beloved pet. Whether any specific pets will be in heaven, I have no idea; but I do think that we can expect there to be some animals just like there will be plants, and other living things.
      It would not be much of a world if there were no other creatures on it except human beings, and we do not know what role animals might have in the new creation.
      This begs the question of what we will eat in heaven, or do we even need to eat ? Hopefully, we can all be happy just having fruits and berries and veggies to eat and not have to kill animals for food. And, also I am hoping that we do not have things like scorpions and venomous snakes there. Even if we didn't die from being bit, it would still be very painful.
      Like most other pet-lovers, I have always looked forward to seeing my beloved dogs and cats (and even horses) in heaven; but whether that would actually happen, I have no idea. I am not even sure that we would recognize our family there; but I am definitely hoping that we do at least do that.

        Originally posted by Happyflowerlady View Post
        Like most other pet-lovers, I have always looked forward to seeing my beloved dogs and cats (and even horses) in heaven; but whether that would actually happen, I have no idea. I am not even sure that we would recognize our family there; but I am definitely hoping that we do at least do that.
        The first post of the topic was actually wondering if you thought your dog, cat or horse could be saved! That is, did Jesus shed his blood so your pet could have his sins forgiven and be restored to a right relationship with God and enter Heaven as one of the 'elect' ... like a small child too young to render a decision of their own. That is a whole lot different than there being animals in the new heaven and earth. I hope you get to see your pet, but I doubt that it will be there because it was 'saved'.

        I would actually like to talk about your second question, which is a matter that I have heard others ask about and given some thought to. I'd like to share some thoughts and welcome other believers to weigh in on whether I am full of baloney, or if they see some merit in my thoughts.

        God has never seemed to me to be a God of less, rather than more. When I left the temporary and limited security of worldly gangs to follow God and join the gang headed by Jesus Christ, I felt I had traded up to a much stronger and tighter gang. People talked about being there and having your back, but shoot someone and see just how all alone you really are. In contrast, Jesus had already PROVEN he cared by dying in my place. So from that moment on, whenever hard times came, and they did, Jesus WAS always there. He never made a promise that he did not keep.

        So when God ripped out that old heart of stone, killed that man of flesh, and gave me a new heart and a new nature and renewed that mind, is there any sense in which the new life was inferior to the old life? I don't see it.

        So scripture does indeed say that there will be no more husband-wife relationships in heaven between men and women, but given everything else that God does, why would we assume that this new reality is somehow inferior to the old. God created the husband-wife bond to teach us how to love and to illustrate the Christ-Church bond. When we get to heaven, do we expect Christ to love his church less? Do we expect God will want people to love each other less?

        I eventually came up with this analogy. Life is like Family Dinner. It is just the Husband, Wife and Children sitting around the table enjoying each other. Now imagine Thanksgiving Dinner. There is more food, both variety and quantity, than a normal dinner. There are foods that you can get at no other time of the year. The table is huge and surrounded by aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents. You are in a family relationship with everyone around that table. You love them and they love you. It is not a quiet dinner for two like when the Husband and Wife were first married, but no one at that table regrets the loss of intimacy. The celebration of Thanksgiving with Family is in every way better than dinner for two. It is MORE not LESS.

        Since God is a God of More not Less, that is how I imagine heaven. It is not that the Husband and Wife will have lost anything in the love for each other, but rather, God will have perfected our hearts so that we will be able to love everyone with that same intense emotional intimacy that we spent a lifetime building with our spouse. On top of that, our love for each other will be dwarfed by an even more perfect love ... our love for God and His love for us.

        Heaven is Thanksgiving on steroids. Perfect love, made perfect and shared perfectly. Nothing is lost and everything is gained.

        Does that make any sense?


          Yes I read about the "Rainbow Bridge" poem, you can read it here: The Rainbow Bridge Poem - The beautiful journey of a pet after death.

          I'm not really sure if there really is a "Rainbow Bridge" in the afterlife, but I do believe in pets having souls, and psychics also have seen their spirits once they were dead, so I think I will reunite with my deceased pets when I eventually die.

          I researched about this before, and all living things have energy, even rocks, so I guess we will not only be seeing the spirits of domestic pets in the afterlife but also the spirits of fish, sharks, alligators, etc Although I doubt they will "greet" us when we die the same way our deceased relatives and pets do.

          I actually just lost my dear kitten suddenly the other day, and I was so devastated. But reading about the poem "Rainbow Bridge" and my personal belief that we will be reunited when our pets when we die gives me hope that I will see him and all my other pets again.


            Hi Tyche, rocks have/create energy when they, for instance, roll down hills (kinetic), but I didn't realize they did when they were just sitting there (or that they were considered to be among the "living")?

            As for the "Rainbow Bridge" thing, I believe there is reference to a "Rainbow Bridge" in Norse Mythology (known as the BiFrost, I believe), but I don't think anything like that exists in Christianity.

            Yours and His,
            Matthew 5
            16 Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.

            Matthew 7
            12 However you want people to treat you, so treat them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.

            1 Corinthians 13
            1 If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but do not have love, I have become a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.

            1 Peter 3
            15 Sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence.

              Personally, I believe our earthly relationships whether with pets or spouses are only to prepare us for a relationship with God. I'm certain that our relationship with God will surpass any upon the earth.

              Here's a video on the subject from Gotquestions.org:

              God bless,

                I am in agreement with David Lee, that rocks are not living things, and only have energy when they are rolling somewhere, and not when they are just a rock laying on the ground. I have read about people selling gemstones that are supposed to have healing powers, and I think that this is maybe where Tyche is getting this idea from, since psychics are also mentioned in that post, and the healing gemstones are more in the psychic area than anything that we have learned in scripture.
                The Rainbow Bridge story is a beautiful idea; but again, it is just an idea, and not something that is stated (or even implied) in the Bible.
                However, when God created this world, He also gave mankind dominion over the animals, and put it into our hearts to love and care for these animals. Since He knew that we would love the animals, I think that it is also possible that we will have a close relationship with animals in the new heaven and earth. So, even if the pets we have loved here are not in Heaven, I believe that there will be animals that we will care about there.
                I do not believe in salvation for animals; so if our pet is there, it is because God allows pets, not because our pet was saved because it believes in Jesus.

                  Humans are the only creatures God made with souls, therefore, they are the only ones who are able to be in heaven. Also, Adam was not representative of all of nature when he sinned, he was representing all of mankind. Sure there was a curse placed upon the ground, but that was in response the fall on man, not of nature.

                    Well I am not sure animals go to heaven. God is particular about us human beings going to heaven. Christ died for us to redeem us back to the father. Who will be going to heaven? We human beings are God's creature that will be going to Heaven.

                      I don't think that animals go to heaven. As Knotical said, animals do not have souls and hence they cannot go to heaven. Sometimes I do think why? Why can't they go to heaven? They were also created by God. We who sin have a chance to go to heaven and they who are so innocent can't.

                        God created animals so I think they have a chance to go to heaven,and they are loving creatures so I think they will be in heaven. I have read in the Bible that man has no advantage over the beast and all is considered vanity,so yes I think you will see your cat or dog someday,since all go to one place when they pass on.

                          Animals or pets are not reasonable as man.God did not send His Son Jesus Christ to save animals.Jesus was sent to redeem the lost human race created in the image of God.Animals are created as source for food,and sometimes for security and relationship not as man to man but man to a lesser being that generate happiness.However,the Bible does not tell us that animals will make heaven at last.
                          God bless.

                            Pets have been very motivating and rewarding to many persons that they would wish that these pets could join them in heaven. Alas, I don't think that this will be possible because the Bible never referred to animals as having a soul. Animals were placed here to provide comfort and source of food where applicable.

                              Originally posted by ChatterBox View Post
                              Please note, I'm not asking the standard "will I see my pet in heaven?" question, as Heaven is about a relationship with God not earthly relationships.

                              Can an animal have that relationship or be saved in its own right?
                              Just a reminder of the question actually being asked.

                              Can animals recieve Salvation?
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