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The Year of Living Biblically

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  • The Year of Living Biblically

    Has anyone heard of, or even possibly read, this book? It appears hollywood is looking to make a sitcom based on this. I am guessing this is just another attempt to bash Christians, but I just don't know anything about the book.

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      It appears that he completely missed the point, which is rather tragic since he spent so much time diving into the bible. Just based on this summary of his experiment I would still hold to my earlier assumption that it will be another Christian bashing attempt by hollywood.

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        Probably will be another Christian basher. 1 Corinthians 1:18 "For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God."

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          My first question has to be Old or New Testament? Then I saw what he had done and facepalmed. Collecting every Biblical law from multiple translations (and translations of translations), and trying to follow all of them regardless of whether they were superceded by later laws or verses e.g. He talks about stoning an adulterer, while forgetting Jesus' words about casting the first stone. What he calls a "devout agnostic" sounds like it would fit in with the Universal Unitarian beliefs.

          It is good to hear that he found himself becoming a better person as a result of following the rules though, and that giving thanks actually helped him focused on the good in life.

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            I have not read this book, or even heard of it; but I think that if they want to make it into a comedy, then that shows quite well what the intent would be if they make this into a television series.
            The laws that were given in the early parts of the Old Testament were a good part of what set apart God's people from the non-believers and those who worshipped idols.
            My belief is that God was not simply trying to set up a system of rules just so that people would follow them; but He was educating His people in things about cleanliness and hygiene that were not known or practiced by other tribes of people.
            Many of the things that were in the sanitation laws are things that we also do today, just in a much different way, since we have homes with running water, and it is easier to keep ourselves and our homes clean and protected from germs, which were not even imagined back in Biblical times.
            These people , who followed the laws, would have had a much lower mortality rate from diseases than other people who had no guidelines for cleanliness.
            While some of the punishment laws seem really harsh; they probably prevented a lot of the criminal activity and depravity that goes on in our modern day world.
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