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Conservative churchs grow faster?

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  • Conservative churchs grow faster?

    Just had an article in my inbox indicating the conservative churchs grow faster than liberal ones. I followed up on google and found several similar pieces over the last five years. Here's one from the Christian Post in 2016.

    I'm not entirely surprised, as more strict churches are likely to adhere to the Bible and teachings and give more strict guidelines for their members to follow. Rules do tend to help a congregation hold together, while one trying to please everyone will fragment - after all, as some people reason, if you can break one rule why not break others? Have you noticed this in your area at all?
    Conservative churches grow faster than more liberal leaning ones, a five-year study has shown.
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    I saw that story too. People aren't a stupid as the media wants us to believe. As I have said elsewhere, if you are reading the Bible for yourself, you get a feel for who is teaching the Word and who is teaching something else. It absolutely delighted me to read that liberal churches are actually shrinking!

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      Here is what I see having visited a lot of churches the last year. The pcusa is very liberal and in our old town where we use to live local congregations are voting to leave and go to more conservative ones like one I know of they went to the EPC. Then in the ELCA also liberal local churches here are leaving for a more conservative group.
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