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Talking with God

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    Talking with God

    Hi. Previously I had experienced a lot of difficult situations and I'm at the verge of giving up, until one time when I was walking on my way back home I heard a someone talking in my head and he introduced himself as the father. I stopped for a while and I started conversing with him. He told me to stay strong because every hardship that I've been having is about to come to an end. I felt happy that time and relieved as the voice fades away. Afterward, I felt a warm sensation all throughout my body as if I've being enveloped with something. I've never felt this good in my entire life. After each month passed, each difficult situations I'm having started to settle down on their own and I was relieved of all the sufferings. There are times wherein I felt alone a sad but for some reason, something good always happen. Anyway, I always believe that God really did talk to me and this is the main reason why I believe that he's living and he exist amongst us.

    Have you experienced the same before?

    Originally posted by biege View Post
    He told me to stay strong because every hardship that I've been having is about to come to an end.
    Hi Beige,

    Lemme just say something about your comments, brother. Whenever I hear someone say this, I think what about all the apostles that died a miserable and grisly deaths? What about the first century Christians and Martyrs that died for his name sake by horrible persecution and torture? What about today, all those Christians today that are dying in one of the largest genocides since the first century? I can only think that you heard what "you" wanted to hear, or rather I question from where in Scripture does the voice's words in your head come from? Did any of the aforementioned's hardships come to an end for Christ's name sake? How does it align with the word of God? My question to you, how do you live the Christian life? I don't know about you, but I come away each day battled scarred and bruised for Jesus' name sake. Now, granted, I am not talking physically, but if you're not out there fulfilling the great commission but have hidden your Christianity or settled for a life amongst a Christian community only, then only then, can I see that comforting fuzzy wuzzy life, but again, how does that kinda life stack up with what God said in the Holy Scriptures?

    My last question, what if God said to you, you'll suffer for my name's sake? What if He said, you'll suffer each day dying to self and to pick up your cross and follow me! What say you? What would you say today to those that live in other countries that suffer each and every day for the Lord's name reading your post?

    God bless,

      I understand your sentiments to our suffering brothers, Brother William . I know, what I've experienced is nothing compared to what the apostles and other people have experienced, they don't compare and it never will. I know you're suffering as well but you know, human suffering isn't really that equal. We are here now as a result of what we've done and what the community is doing. It's our decision on what path we should follow. As with your question how do I live in the Christian life? Honestly, I'm a nomad when it comes to Christianity, I look for ways that will help me through every hardship, I don't just sit there and ask for mercy, I act based on what I believe what is right and what the bible has told me. Now you know how I'm doing now, so I will ask you the same question how do you live the Christian life? We all know that suffering won't end until God returns to get us but do you just live carrying all the suffering the previous has? Or are you working on it to make your life worth living? Do you live for others or do you life for yourself? You may think that I'm selfish to think only about myself but that's not the real case, I'm just taking care of myself to be able to serve God in whichever means he ask me to.

      Now let me return those questions to you, did God ask you to tell me those words and test me, or you just want me to answer those baseless questions? Remember, God may test you but he don't like hls kids to suffer. I guess the reason why most people don't hear God talking to them is because their hearts are closed to accept his words. I believe, with those questions, you are telling me that I'm crazy and I'm saying senseless things but did I ask you to come here and read what I've written? Why are you here anyway? :D

      Whatever you mean by those questions, I still stand to whatever I believe in.

        There are two sides to this: One is what may be a person who is at ease with whatever Satan throws at them. They maybe were a little unsure or apprehensive about their faith, but felt a calming spirit or even the HOLY SPIRIT come over them telling them it's gonna be all right, but not perfect. The other side is skeptical that GOD speaks to you literally. I have to err on the side of caution because it never happened to me, either. Not that i deserve it. There are those who claim to be the mouthpiece of the LORD which makes them modern day prophets. I have always wondered if there are any modern day prophets, and if there are, i sure hope GOD has a personal message for me. Bless GOD.
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