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Arrrrr ye celebratin'?

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    Arrrrr ye celebratin'?

    It be Talk Like a Pirate Day!

    A little trivia to go with it: What is scurvy, ya scurvy dogs?

    I'm afraid I'll have to skip celebrating this day. I don't think I can talk like a pirate.

    Regarding your trivia question, scurvy is a disease caused be lack of vitamin C.
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      Originally posted by theophilus View Post
      I'm afraid I'll have to skip celebrating this day. I don't think I can talk like a pirate.

      Regarding your trivia question, scurvy is a disease caused be lack of vitamin C.
      Indeed, which is mitigated by doing what?

        Originally posted by theophilus View Post
        I'm afraid I'll have to skip celebrating this day. I don't think I can talk like a pirate.
        Help is on the way ...

        Captain Booty's - Talk Like a Pirate - Crash Course
        Ahoy! - An energetic greeting to yer fellow mate... like hello.
        Aloft - A reference to climbin' to or being among the sails above or upper rigging overhead on yer ship.
        Articles - An agreement of behavior between th' Captain an' his crew.
        Avast Ye! - A stern request to halt yer activity and listen up.
        Aye! - Yes or I agree...
        Aye Aye! - Yes, Captain... I'll take care of it...ye can count on me.
        Arrr! (an' variations) - Arrr or similar (interjection to show excitement or pause) - Yarrr (agreement on yer mates comments) - Harrr (expresses amusement or laughter)
        Bilge Rat! - A scoundrel... an' a general insult lashed upon a shipmate.
        Black Spot - A mark givin' to a pirate of an impending doom... the mark of cursed soul!
        Booty - A pirates treasure... make sure ye get yer share while playin' a game o' Crossbones matey!
        Broadside - A discharge of all cannons… attackin' the main (broad) part of an enemy ship.
        Cap'n - A reference to a superior officer... Captain o' the ship.
        Davy Jones' Locker - A final restin' place at the bottom o' the sea for drowned pirates.
        Dead men tell no tales! - A pirate sayin' to ensure no prisoners are taken durin' battle...an' no one left to reveal any secrets or details o' the event.
        Doldrums - A long period o' time when the wind has died... leavin' a ship adrift an' unable to sail.
        Feed the fishes - The dearly or not so dearly departed... thrown overboard.
        Fire in the hole! - An exclamation warning yer shipmates before a cannon is fired.
        Go on Account - An expression to indicate tha' ye have turned pirate.
        Grog - A pirates typical rum drink... containing a mixture of water, rum, & lime juice... yum!
        Hornswaggle - To cheat yer mates!
        Jack Tar - A familar reference to a common sailor.
        Jolly Roger - The infamous black flag with white skull and crossbones... an invitation to surrender.
        Keelhauling - Draggin' a shipmate under the keel of a ship as punishment or torture... one way to clean the barnacles off yer ship matey!
        Keep a weather eye open matey! - A pirate reminder to remain vigilant and alert... to keep watch.
        Lad - A piratical way to address a younger male.
        Land Ho! - An exclamation by a shipmate who first spots land while at sea.
        Landlubber - Anyone tis awkward or unfamiliar with life aboard a ship... a clumsy sailor...a land lover.
        Lass - A piratical way to address a younger female... or ye might try lassie.
        Maroon - To abandon a shipmate ashore with little hope of rescue or escape... a cruel punishment.
        Matey or Me hearty - A piratical reference towards a shipmate or a friend.
        Me - A piratical way of sayin' "my".
        Mutiny - An act by shipmates to rally against the authority (usually the Captain) of a ship.
        No Prey No Pay - An agreement that a crew receives no wages, but instead... shares any booty pillaged.
        No Quarter Given - Any surrender will not be accepted. No prisoners wil be taken.
        Plunder - To pillage another...to seize booty without consent...sounds like a friendly game o' Crossbones!
        Rum - An intoxicating beverage... like Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum.
        Sail ho! - An exclamation alerting yer shipmates that another ship of unknown intentions is near.
        Savvy...? - A piratical term meaning... Do ye get what I'm saying matey... or are you familiar with?
        Scurvy dog! - A scoundrel... an' a general insult upon a shipmate.
        Shiver me timbers! - An expression of shock, surprise or annoyance... or when tis cold outside.
        Show your colours - A request from a nearby ship to show yer flag an' yer intentions... yer true colours.
        Strike your colors - A demand directed at an enemy ship to lower it's flag during battle and surrender.
        Swabber - A lowly mate who swabs th' deck..an' a general insult..."Raise the Jolly Roger... ye swabber!"
        Swagger - A piratical attitude in the way ye walk an' talk... tis tha' look in yer squinted eye matey!
        Swashbuckler - An adventurous and brave soul... or generally, one who likes to plunder with the point of a sword.
        Under bare poles - A ship without her sails set.
        Walk the plank - A walk beyond the end of a ships plank to drown at sea an' visit Davey Jones' locker!
        Wench - A piratical way to address a familiar lady... careful with this one mates!
        Wet me pipe - To quench yer thirst with some o' tha' tasty grog o'course!
        X Marks the spot - An "X" markin' the spot on a treasure map where ye buried yer treasure matey...
        Yo-ho-ho - Why... pirate laughter o'course... an' a general merry expression. - See more at: #TalkLikeAPirateDay - A crash course for pirate talk - Get yer swagger on...

        So Avast, Ye Landlubbers.

        If yer mates are caught in the doledrums, don't leave them crying in their grog.
        You just get yer swagger on over and shout "Ahoy me Mates, Don't you know tis' talk like a pirate day! So let every Lad Show his colors, grab his Lass and head to KrispieKreme to wet his pipes and get a free donut just for talking like a pirate!"
        Yo-ho-ho! Now don't you feel better?

          You forgot fo'c'stle (short for "forecastle") - the front area of the main deck of the ship.

            No, no I did not celebrate this self-invented day :-)

              Arrrr I've only had a drop of Rum you scallywag!
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