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Longest Running Wikipedia Hoaxes

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    Longest Running Wikipedia Hoaxes

    Aussie’s Jar'Edo Wens prank sets new record as Wikipedia’s longest-running hoax

    1. Jar'Edo Wens
    Fictional Australian Aboriginal deity, presumably named after Jared Owens.
    Hoax span: 9 years, 9 months (29/5/2005 - 3/3/2015)

    2. Pikes on Cliffs
    Fictional Spanish coastal house, claimed as the 16th-century home of a nonexistent Irish sailor who survived a death sentence from Sir Francis Drake."
    Hoax span: 9 years, 8½ months (17/3/2005 - 5/12/2014)

    3. Gregory Namoff
    An "internationally known" but nonexistent investment banker, minor Watergate figure, and US Senate candidate.
    Hoax span: 9 years, 6½ months (17/6/2005 - 13/1/2015)

    4. Snappy & friends
    Supposed animated show with the Kellogg's characters (from Rice Krispies).
    Hoax span: 9 years, 5 months (6/3/2005 - 22/8/2014)

    5. Henry Vaughan
    Fictitious 18th-century landowner, supposedly killed by a mob and buried at the Radnorshire Arms in Presteigne.
    Hoax span: 9 years, 1½ months (28/10/2005 - 11/12/2014)

    6. Bodhi stones
    Supposed mythical stones carved from Mount Meru and distributed among eight elders in eight villages because of their sacred powers; falsely sourced to the Mahabharata.
    Hoax span: 8 years, 7 months (15/8/2006 - 16/3/2015)

    7. Collins Slip
    Nonexistent instruction sheet included with prescription drugs, based on a spurious 1983 accident in Akron, Ohio.
    Hoax span: 8 years, 3½ months (22/11/2006 - 8/3/2015)

    8. Eric Heineman
    Supposed Czech-American mathematician and electrical engineer with reputed academic career at Charles University and Yale in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
    Hoax span: 8 years, 3 months (18/8/2006 - 29/11/2014)

    9. Don Meme
    A fictitious "mythical, wise guru" in Puebla, Mexico, supposedly the subject of a nonexistent short story collection; also claimed to be a mentor for real-life bands and "an entity that appears as soon as a bohemian party is summoned".
    Hoax span: 8 years, 3 months (14/12/2006 - 21/3/2015)

    10. Victor Escobar
    Nonexistent Colombian student at School of the Americas, whose unexplained disappearance supposedly prompted a bill in the United States House of Representatives.
    Hoax span: 8 years, 2½ months (11/10/2006 - 9/1/2015)

    Ok, I can't believe number 9 was even a thing, since the whole premise is ridiculous.
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