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I want the twin towers back

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  • I want the twin towers back

    I'm from Israel. I was a kid when it happened. About 11 years old. Saw it on TV. Bro called mom paniclly to turn on the tv NOW- there was an attack on US.
    I didn't know the twin towers until then. Now I know they existed ,and they were much more pretty than the currently freedom tower. And I'm sad and a bit angry that fellows in NY didn't build back the twin towers. NY doesn't look the same without it. I know. I'm not an American, never been to America, but I'm in love with those towers. During this 9/11, and the day before it, I watched movies and youtube videos about this.

    Yesterday I saw the movie "the walk" which features the towers, and it was so great!! they came back to life :) and it is an amazing story. Maybe I even went to sleep with a smile that very night.

    Now I'm sad. The new WTC is ugly. I wish the orig WTC can come back. If they were there, I would immegrate to USA to NY. I'll do everything to get a visa and live there. And I'll go every day to sit near the twin towers and watch them. But no, they are gone. How should I cope?
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