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    Hey guys I am a young Christian I was born in Iraq and became a Christian at about the age of 15. My father is Muslim so by definition I was Muslim around him until I found Christ. I have gone to a religious school in the United States from the age of fourteen to now the age of 17 and I feel like I have a lot of knowledge and love to share. My goal is not to glorify or bring honor to myself in anyway. I wish to be a Pastor and I want to start to practice touching people now because Jesus says "If you love me feed my sheep." And I have to admit my love for Jesus is big and so I would like to opportunity to share some of my experiences and opinions on Christianity and its Teachings. Aliquid Religion - YouTube there is my Youtube Channel please if you don't mind check it out and subscribe! Again not for me but I want the glory to be brought to God and I feel like I have the gift to touch people with God's hand. Thanks so much for reading!
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