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  • Pastors/Ministers Being Prepared

    Hello Everyone. What communication tools does your church use to keep congregants informed? What if service was canceled due to weather or a heating/cooling system failure? Or any other issue? How would your Pastor/Minister let all the people know so they didn't head out for service, when its been delayed, postponed or canceled? What if there was an emergency at your church? How would congregants be notified of the emergency? Many people would be involved. How would your Pastor/Minister notify them all at the same time?

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    We ended up trying out a system called DialMyCalls. So far so good, working great. We can send calls and text messages out to everyone at the same time and pretty quickly too. If anyone has any questions about it, I'd be happy to share.

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      You should have a Twitter account for the church to send out instant messages. This can double to allow your followers to keep up with whatever activities the church is doing. My old church used to update to let us know when they needed volunteers for a project or when something big happened.

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        Does the church you are attending have a notification system? I truly recommend DialMyCalls. We started using it recently. It's great. So easy to record my message and send it out to all the church members. They all get the same message at the same time. No more dialing for hours trying to let everyone know what is going on or being canceled. It seems to have reduced the number of calls into the office too. Let me know if you want me to share how I signed up. It was too easy and they have Customer Support 7 days a week. That works for me since I am in the office on the weekends should questions or issues come up.

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          We've only had DialMyCalls' service for a short time. Already used it for rain cancellations and event reminders. Its great and everyone seems to like the service too. Win...Win...
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