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  • Reading the bible

    A verse a day keeps Satan away. In the beginning of this month I challenged myself in reading the book of proverbs, a verse everyday and I've really learned a lot. The verses are straight forward and speak deep to every person and gender.

    What book are reading in the bible and how is it taking you?

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    Originally posted by flonyash View Post
    What book are reading in the bible and how is it taking you?
    I'm sorry what?


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      I asked what book in the bible are you reading, Is it making your spiritual journey fulfilling. Like I said I challenged myself to to read the book of proverbs this month. I'm reading the 22nd verse today.

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        If you only read a verse a day it is going to take a long time for you to get through the Bible. I attend two weekly Bible studies; one is going through Daniel and the other through Acts. In my personal reading I am simply reading straight through the Bible.
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          Does reading the bible when in church count, because when in church we read from at least two books for the sermon. There're also the short verses that are followed with long verses so I do combine. But this month is the month of proverbs.

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            It's odd for you to ask if it "counts" we don't have a quota we have to meet or anything like that.
            Theophilus is just saying that reading only a verse a day is going to take you a while to get through, anything really, whether your goal is to read all of Proverbs or even just a chapter.

            It's all a matter of perspective though. While it would take much longer to read it if you only do a verse a day as compared to someone that reads a chapter a day, you will read it infinitely faster than someone who never bothers to pick up the word at all.

            That said I would encourage you to up your reading even if a tiny bit. You're already in the word might as well read a little bit more than a single verse.

            To answer the original question though I've been in the book of Philippians, I have a particular fondness for Paul's letters, they are easy to read but are just overflowing with wisdom. Philippians in particular is full of these little nuggets that I have to keep at the forefront of my mind. Like Philippians 1:27 or 4:8, these kinds of verses are very meaningful to me if I keep them in mind throughout the day.

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              My New Year's Resolution this year was to read the entire Bible in 100 days. I started with the "One Year Bible" but instead of reading just one day, each day, I planned to read at least 4 days at a time.

              It went swimmingly for about a month. Then I slowed considerably. But I'm not giving up.

              So the way the One Year Bible is formatted it breaks down your daily reading into a passage from the OT, NT, and something from Psalms and Proverbs.

              I feel like I've been in Deuteronomy for an eternity - and I have to say that even though I know I've read most of the Bible in my life, there is still a ton of stuff in the OT that continues to surprise and baffle me.

              I'm always blessed when I walk through the Gospels though, and feel like modern Christians would do well to re-connect with the life of Jesus, on the regular.

              So that's where I'm at.

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                Wow! did I say I read a verse a day! pardon my mistake it's a chapter a day. So sorry for this.

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                  Makes more sense, flonyash. There are 31,102 verses in the Bible. Reading a verse a day would take you 85 years to read it.

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                    Well, I did read the Bible once all the way through in my reading days. It is one of the things that remember doing as a kid. I am not sure what version I read, but it did make an impression on me. It is just one of the things that I remember doing, as way of trying to teach myself about it.

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                      I was brought up a Christian, but I first started reading the bible to myself at around the age of 8. I was just enthralled by the stories and the lessons, so I told myself that I would read a few pages every night before bed until I had read through the whole thing. I did that, and now I know exactly what I need to read whenever I am going through a difficult time in life. There is the perfect verse for everything, the only thing that you have to be able to do is to find it!

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                        I was also brought up to read a chapter of the bible each day, either once in the morning or before bed, and that's something that's always stuck with me.

                        Sometimes I read more and it doesn't matter when now either, but without having that routine in my life now, I'd feel like I was missing an important part of my day.

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                          Is there a specific edition that you would recommend? I need one that is easier reading than the Bible that I have. I feel that I've missed out on reading the entire Bible. I'm agreeable to start reading again. Any suggestions?

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                            Here's my recommendation: Esword

                            And I recommend the ESV installed in it.

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                              Originally posted by William View Post
                              Makes more sense, flonyash. There are 31,102 verses in the Bible. Reading a verse a day would take you 85 years to read it.
                              Bibles w/red ink 4 "what JESUS said," comprise about 3 short paragraphs. None of the original disciples or their students had a bible to reference from and they managed to change the world. Go figure !
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