A Message from Malala, Nobel Laureate

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  • A Message from Malala, Nobel Laureate

    I demand of our leaders, that we must invest in books, not bullets.
    Well, maybe slightly idealistic. She's young. While there are still bad people with guns, good people will always need bullets. But Oh! How I wish for a world where there were no more bullets, only more books!

    Best wishes, 2RM.
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    2ndRateMind, your Liberal friends are passing laws as fast as they can, laws that are enforced with bullets. You can't have your socialist utopia without mass murder by the government and long bread lines at the bakery.

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      She is asking that the government not invest in bullets to kill people. I think I understand what she means. The leaders of her country, and others, place a higher priority on maintaining control by violent force, than they do on education that would benefit the whole nation and help bring them out of poverty. She is asking for s change in priorities.

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        Yeah, I wish too. No bullets and only books. Education has the power to change the way we think and mould us. People with the guns should realize this and it would be nice if they stop hurting innocent children and people. I really feel sad to read about the terrorist activities around the world. Way to go Malala. She is a true inspiration and has quoted it correctly about what has to be done.
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