Rare coin donation funds new church

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  • Rare coin donation funds new church

    An Indiana church was amazed to find a single coin donated by a widow was enough to fund their new church. The coin was an 1866 liberty dollar, one of the rarest coins in the US, worth and estimated $300,000 or more. The auction house they contacted immediately wired the church an advance of $150,000, allowing them to reach the goal for their church just a few hours before the deadline. The donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, said it was bought by her late husband and she donated it to the church as seed money for their new building.

    For some reason, this reminds me of the lesson of the widow's mite, although this widow's mite was worth more in material, not just spiritual, terms.
    A valuable 19th century U.S. gold coin featuring one of the earliest uses of the motto, In God We Trust, will help an Indiana congregation fulfill its

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    Amazing story! God provides at the right time His children need it.:-)

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      Originally posted by PsalmOneCares
      Amazing story! God provides at the right time His children need it.:-)
      Doesn't he though?! I love stories like that. You know that woman is in the Lord too, otherwise, she wouldn't remain anonymous.

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        So wonderful. God bless her. It shows her devotion to christ and her helping tendency. She might have used it for her own well fare and become rich but she donated to the church helping them at the right time. This is a lesson for us to that god is always watching us and helping everyone through someone. :)
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