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Amazon To Buy Whole World For $450 Trillion

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    Amazon To Buy Whole World For $450 Trillion

    SEATTLE, WA—Just days after the announcement that it would purchase grocer Whole Foods, American conglomerate Inc declared Tuesday that it has decided to “just buy the entire world and everything in it” for $450 trillion, in what is being seen as a major step forward in the company’s plan to touch every part of […]

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    Ha ha, Amazon does seem to be taking over the world. This one almost rings true. I guess we'll see Walmart stepping up next. Will they try to outbid?

    Do I hear 4.6 trillion, gimme 6, now give me point 7...

      WoW -- well, considering Donald Trump actually Did get elected to the U.S. Presidency -- most Anything is Possible. :) ;) :D

        That was a great laugh ! It seems like some of these gigantic companies are literally taking over just about everything, and Amazon is certainly one of them that is growing pretty fast. While I am not in favor of any giant corporations owning the monopoly of any business, I have to admit that I DO like Amazon, and we have had a Prime account for several years now, and do purchase a lot of items from Amazon and save good money doing it.
        One of the new things that Amazon is actually doing (unlike buying the whole world) is starting a special program for low-income people, which I think is pretty awesome. For as long as we have been a Prime member, the only way to renew the membership was to pay a whole years dues at a time, which is now about $99 annually.
        Amazon now will take payments monthly of $10.99, which is less than some Netflix accounts charge. However, for low-income people, the price is almost half of that at only $5.99 per month. All you have to do is show them that you are on food stamps (EBT) or other proof of low income, and you can have this account, which has all of the options and benefits that the full-price Amazon Prime account has.
        With the acquisition of Whole Foods, this means that Amazon will probably be able to actually also accept food stamps (EBT) in the near future as payment for food items.
        Since you can really save on a lot of the grocery products when you buy them through Amazon, I think that this is a great idea, and a winner for everyone involved.
        Actually......maybe we should let them buy the whole world...... they seem to do a pretty good job with what they have so far.
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