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People Guess What Christian Phrases Mean

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    People Guess What Christian Phrases Mean

    Am I the bad person because I don't know most of these. I got the washed in the blood as a reference to Jesus's sacrifice, but I've never heard of these. Are they more Catholic terms or is my church so 'modern' we don't use them? I'm kind of concerned, but their answers made me laugh.

    Originally posted by LeapOfFaith89 View Post
    Are they more Catholic terms or is my church so 'modern' we don't use them?
    These terms are common in evangelical Protestant churches, at least in the churches I have attended. This video brings up an important point we need to consider when telling nonChristians what we believe. We need to make sure that the ones we are talking to can understand what we are saying and avoid using phrases that are only meaningful to other Christians.
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      This is the downfall of using "lingo" or "jargon". Especially when witnessing to someone who has never even set foot in a church, much less opened a bible they will have no idea what you are talking about when using these phrases/terms. It is better to keep it simple.

      These are some things that can be used with someone who is relatively new to the faith to help explain certain doctrines, but it is best to steer clear of jargon as much as possible.

        It is quite interesting how when you grow up hearing them around you even consider them obvious when they are really not.
        I guess I am familiar with most of the ones mentioned, except for the 10/40 window.

        I think you don't need to eradicate the lingo from your mouth to approach people who are new to the church but we should be very mindful of it and be ready to explain. I think it is important people understand what we are talking about and to do that we also have to get them slowly acquaintanced with some of the terminology.
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