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    I just found out that Facebook can be a tool to help persecuted Christians keep in touch with each other.

    Life for a believer from a Muslim background can be lonely in war-torn Yemen, especially for a single woman.

    Nadeen, a born and raised Yemeni woman in her late twenties, is not new to the faith. Before a civil war broke out in her country in 2015, she had already accepted Christ.

    A Christian woman she met at university was able to read the Bible and pray with Nadeen once a week. Attending classes gave her an excuse to leave home, but when Nadeen graduated, she no longer had an excuse. Nadeen found it harder to meet the woman to pray and read the Bible. Eventually, Nadeen’s disciple partner left the country—leaving Nadeen alone.

    “After this woman had left my country, I didn’t have the opportunity to meet with other believers anymore,” Nadeen shares.

    Her family was unaware of her faith, and as a single woman in a strict Muslim family, it was difficult for her to leave the house alone. “They controlled everything I did,” Nadeen says. “But in my heart, I longed to participate in prayer meetings with other believers and learn more.”

    Months went by, and Nadeen didn’t meet with any other believers in person. “I had a Facebook account, and that was where I met another believer who was participating in a Facebook group.”

    Several believers from Nadeen’s area met online in this group to share their experiences and testimonies. “Online, we prayed together, and we asked the questions that we had about faith in Christ and God,” she says. Through this online fellowship, she even learned that there was a secret community of believers in her city. “I had always been eager to experience the real community of local believers and not just the virtual one that I knew online.”

    When Nadeen got a job at a bank, it gave her the perfect excuse to leave the house and meet the secret believers from her Facebook group in person. Through this group, she met another believer from a Muslim background and soon they developed feelings for each other. After seeking the counsel of the elders in this local Christian gathering, they agreed to get married.

    “God made a way for me to get married to this believer from the local faith community, and He introduced me to the actual church I had wanted to attend for so long! I consider my marriage to be an expression of the grace of God,” Nadeen shares.

    After their wedding, Nadeen left her home—where there was no one else like her—to a real believing community. “Because of my marriage, I am now able to serve and share the gospel freely and to be discipled by my husband,” Nadeen says.
    You can read more of this story here:

    In War-Torn Yemen, a Secret Believer Finds New Life Through Facebook - Open Doors USA
    Clyde Herrin's Blog

    I love stories like this, God is always there for his kids. Hebrews 13:5
    John 10:16

      Thank you for sharing that story. I do worry for her if her family find out, because some Muslim groups do not take conversion outside the faith well and many of her peers have been forced to flee the country. With Twitter aiding uprisings and Facebook helping persecuted minorities keep in touch, it won't be long until the authorities in those countries start trying to force social media groups to open their records, and when that happens support groups like these Christians will be in danger. China already monitors such uses and censors google. Others are going to follow suit.

        Yes facebook is a good tool for preaching the word of God too. I often see my friends tagging me in prayers and such. I also post bible verses there daily to remind people about the word of God. I think the only problem with facebook is its more open to people who can mock you. I've been mocked several times for posting bible verses, but that didn't stop me from doing it, I just hope that that didn't stop some of my readers from reading my posts. Then again there's also facebook christian groups which even has bible study meetups from time to time, and I think that's good.

          I am so happy that this story have a happier ending. I am so glad she is able to leave her family before she ends up getting honor killed for converting. Facebook is a double edged sword it can be used for something noble just like this case but I also remember Isis recruited members via Facebook. Facebook is a great tool for good but it can also be a tool for evil. I am happy that she is able to find friends online to help her go through these hurdles and win.

            Originally posted by prodigalson View Post
            I think the only problem with facebook is its more open to people who can mock you.
            You shouldn't look at that as a problem but as a source of blessing.

            Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you. (Matthew 5:11-12)
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