Turkey's arrest of Andrew Brunson

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  • Turkey's arrest of Andrew Brunson

    Andrew Brunson was arrested in Turkey after serving as a pastor there for 23 years. It seems this is part of a crackdown on Christians, with several refused re-entry to the country when they left temporarily.

    He is accused of connections with last summer's coup. Whether or no he is guilty we don't know, because his legal counsel and the US consul have been refused access to the evidence dossier by the Turkish government. Without the evidence being available, it looks disturbingly like there's something else going on. The US government are stepping in, but there's not a lot they can do. Whether this treatment of Christians will continue after April or get worse once Erdogan has his position solidified by referendum we can only wait and see.
    Supporters of a US pastor who has been jailed on charges of 'membership in an armed terrorist organisation' since October say their legal defence is struggling.
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