North Korea Teaches That Christians Kill People and Suck Their Blood

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    North Korea Teaches That Christians Kill People and Suck Their Blood

    Citizens in North Korea are reportedly told by the government that Christians are evil and want to kill people and drink their blood.

    The Christian Post reports that this revelation came from a North Korean woman who was imprisoned for her faith, but was eventually able to escape to South Korea.

    Before she became a Christian Hae Woo heard stories of the horrendous things Christians reportedly did.

    "Every form of religion, and especially Christianity, was like opium: addictive and destructive. I heard stories about Christians who went to hospitals, enticed people into cellars, killed them there and sucked the blood out of their bodies so that they could sell it. The thought of it was horrifying to me," she said.

    However, once Hae Woo became a Christian she realized it was the North Korean government that brutally persecuted Christians.

    According to Open Doors World Watch List, North Korea is the single worst country for Christian persecution.

    While in a prison camp, Hae Woo was able to make other converts to the Christian faith.

    "Offering a message of hope inside hell on earth, she won a handful of converts, and a tiny secret church was formed. On Sundays and religious holidays, the faithful few would gather to worship at the toilets or another unwatched corner of their wretched home," the National Catholic Register reported.

    Hae Woo says God helped her to survive until she could escape to South Korea.

    Open Doors CEO David Curry said that thousands of Christians are believed to be imprisoned in North Korea where they are also tortured and killed.

    It is hard to get an exact estimate because the country is so closed-off to the rest of the world, but at least 70,000 Christians were estimated to have been imprisoned in 2015 alone.

    Source: North Korea Teaches That Christians Kill People and Suck Their Blood - Christian News Headlines

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