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Anti-Pedophilia Bill Rejected In Pakistan As ‘Anti-Islamic’

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    Anti-Pedophilia Bill Rejected In Pakistan As ‘Anti-Islamic’

    A bid to ban child marriage in Pakistan utterly failed, after the Council of Islamic Ideology declared the legislation “anti-Islamic” and “blasphemous.”

    The bill didn’t even move past the first stage in the legislative process, The Express Tribune reports. It was almost immediately pulled Thursday by Pakistan Muslim League party’s Marvi Menon following condemnation from CII, whose job it is to advise the legislature on whether bills are compliant with Sharia law. In this case, the bill clearly violated Islamic law as tradition holds marriage as acceptable when a girl hits puberty.

    After CII’s declaration, a parliamentary committee rejected the legislation solely for religious reasons and Menon subsequently pulled the legislation.

    Existing legislation in Pakistan already violates Islamic law. The Child Marriage Restraint (Amendment) Act 2014 places the legal age of marriage at 16 for women, but the recent proposal attempted to move that age up to 18 and also included serious punishment for the common practice of child marriage. That punishment would have included prison for up to two years for anyone caught engaging in child marriage.

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    Some people think Mary was about 13 when Jesus was born. We know for a fact that some saintly women in the Bible were married at such young ages. That makes complete sense. A moral culture doesn't approve of premarital sex, and delaying marriage produces premarital sex. In the United States, legal marriage is as young as 12 in Mass, or any age in some states with court consent. And, before recent times, all states had lower age requirements for marriage than the standard age of 16 today.

    Moving the minimum age of marriage to 18 isn't just anti-Islamic, it's anti-moral. But, we live in an immoral society, where it's perfectly legal for a group of HIV-infected middle-aged men to sodomize an 18- to 20-year-old boy, but it's illegal to give that same boy a beer. That's just to demonstrate how bent America's moral compass on sexual morality has become.

    How can any Christian want it to be a illegal for a teenager to get married, but not illegal for the same teenager to have sexual relations?

    Between banning polygamy and requiring parental consent for children under 18, the problem of predators taking teenage brides mostly goes away. I'd just add to that a requirement that the two people getting married be close in age, for marriage involving someone under 18.

      I don't know if you follow the same news publications that I do. However, the issue is not with those "teetering" around the age of consent, but there are countless stories of young girls from the age of 3-8 sexually assaulted. Then the family kills these young girls to protect the family honor because she is no longer a virgin.

      Originally posted by Cornelius View Post
      requiring parental consent for children under 18
      I do not believe pedophiles will care about consent, but society will stand behind two consenting adults. The question is at what age are people considered adults?

      Originally posted by William View Post
      In this case, the bill clearly violated Islamic law as tradition holds marriage as acceptable when a girl hits puberty.
      A little confused, is it law or tradition, or is the law based on tradition? Is it a violation of Islamic law to sexually assault a girl younger than puberty?

      This bill was addressing pedophilia. It appears that Islamic law protects pedophilia. Muhammad married Aisha, she was only six years old. Is that condoned by Islamic law or do the laws not apply to Muhammad?

        The Council of Islamic Ideology declared the legislation “anti-Islamic” and “blasphemous.” According to an organization called Girls Not Brides, over 21 percent of Pakistani girls are married before the age of 18. The CII was created in 1962 with the purpose of advising parliament on Islamic law. However, the group has been known to call DNA evidence inadmissible in rape cases, as recently as 2013, and opt instead to bring back the old practice of requiring four witnesses to support rape claims. In the United Kingdom, for example, there were 1,485 cases of child marriage in 2012, with reports speculating that that rate would increase to 14 million child marriages a year before 2020 arrives. Why would any Western country want to allow immigration by people who believe that 9-year-old girls should be allowed to marry? In the West, we call that pedophilia. And we’re right.

          I have no objection to Pakistani girls being married before 18, just as long as those are non-polygamous marriages to boys about their age, and that age being past puberty (strictly speaking, pedophilia should be illegal and treated as a very serious crime). Morality dictates favoring marriage over premarital sex. Western efforts to stop sexual abuse of girls in Pakistan should focus more on what is necessarily abuse and less on increasing the marital age to half a decade after puberty. Any effort in Pakistan to ban polygamy and to ban marriage by older men (i.e predators) to young girls has my blessing.

          I'm generally against immigration of all non-Christians. But, no one in power is about to ban Muslims from immigrating. We can't even stop our government from bringing Muslims into the country.

          Law vs. tradition? I'm confused too.
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