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Christian College Professor Who Claimed Christians and Muslims Worship Same God Finds Job in Jeopardy

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  • Christian College Professor Who Claimed Christians and Muslims Worship Same God Finds Job in Jeopardy

    A professor at a Christian college who stirred up controversy by wearing a hijab and claiming that Muslims and Christians worship the same God will face a panel that may terminate her employment.


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    She would be mistaken, and probably should be fired from a Bible College.
    I don't really know how anyone who has read what the Qu'ran and Hadith say can believe that they describe the God of the Bible.

    Does Zoroasterism worship the same God just because they believe that there is only one?

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      She has read the Korean, or at least knows a bit about it. She called Muslims "people of the book" which is a phrase the Koran uses for Christians. She's not being fired for saying Muslims and Christians worship the same God, which is no less true than saying "Christians and Jews worship the same God." She's being fired for a number of statements equating Muslims with Christians, and not just for this. She has a history of violating Christian standards while being professor at the Christian school, such as taking part in "gay pride" events.

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        She should be fired for saying muslims and Christians worship the same God.

        Ship Alone

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          Originally posted by Ship Alone View Post
          She should be fired for saying muslims and Christians worship the same God.
          Ditto for anyone who says Jews and Christians worship the same God. God has a son, their god doesn't. John 8:42

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            I originally approached Islam with the expectation that it was related to Christianity in a manner similar to Judaism, and I came with the expectation that they all worshiped the same "One True God" with differing degrees of clarity. If Paul says we see as in a mirror dimly, I expected that the mirror of Judaism and Islam was dimmer than that of Christianity.

            That is not what I discovered. The God of the Torah does appear to be the same God who sent Jesus. His standard of moral perfection does not change, nor does his love. The Qu'ran (which would be comparable to our Gospels) pays lip service to many of the same themes as the Old and New Testaments, but the Hadith, the books that actually explain the teachings of Qu'ran and how to apply them in our lives (which would be comparable to the Apostolic Letters in the New Testament) paint a dramatically different picture.

            A fundamenal difference in the Qu'ran and Hadith is the basic instruction that when Muslims are in the minority, they are to live at peace with "people of the book" (Christians and Jews). The Hadith clarify that they may appear to be friendly with non-Muslims, but a Muslim must never truly be friends with a non-Muslim. When the Muslims are numerous enough to safely do so, they are called to active disruption of the society around them. When Muslims are in the majority, they are to enforce the law of Allah and the "people of the book" are to be allowed to either convert to Islam or live as slaves.

            Does this sound like the teachings of the God of Moses or the Jesus Christ? Pretend to be friendly until you are strong enough to enslave the world!
            Those Muslims who adopt a more 'tolerant' view, are the ones that you see being beheaded in those nations that live under strict Islamic Law.

            Since this is a Christian site, I feel comfortable expressing my belief that Islam is exactly the sort of counterfeit 'god' that Satan would invent to lead people astray. A faith based on human works, serving a cold, distant, unapproachable 'god' and founded on a glorified man that teaches people moral relativism, how to lie and the necessity of killing those who disagree.

            To be familiar with Islam, as a Christian College Professor should, and see no difference is shameful.
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