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Israeli Government Discriminates against Christian School

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  • Israeli Government Discriminates against Christian School

    The Israeli government has decided to cut funding from Christian schools, which has led to an accusation of discrimination.


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    Why are Christian schools receiving funding from the government in the first place? In the US religious schools aren't financially supported by the government and we don't consider that discrimination.
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      Theophilus, why do you make such a stupid argument in defense of Israeli anti-Christian discrimination? In the US, the government funds Jewish and Christian private schools 100% the same, that's why "we don't consider that discrimination." What part of 29% don't you understand? (29%, the amount of funding Christian schools get vs. Jewish schools in Israel, even though Christians pay the same taxes and Zionist nutjobs call Israel a Western country.)

      And, I'm not going to join in the absurd lie that the US doesn't discriminate against Christians. Our public schools are very much Jewish dream schools for gentiles. And, Christian private schools are often prohibited from the same government access as secular private schools.

      You also apparently don't understand socialism or how socialist Israel is. Israel is one of the most socialist countries in the world. The government controls the economy and the schools. Private Christians schools are probably illegal in Israel. And, if they're not, Israel sees to it that Christians can't afford private schools.

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