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Driscoll Plants The Trinity Church, Phoenix

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    Driscoll Plants The Trinity Church, Phoenix

    Since his ouster from Mars Hill shortly before its implosion and death (although Driscoll says God audibly told him to leave), Driscoll has been speaking at almost exclusively hyper-charismatic and word-of-faith institutions. We reported on Driscoll speaking soon at Furtick’s leadership conference with Perry Noble (source link), his appearance with Hillsong’s Brian Houston in which he apologized for ever criticizing Joel Osteen (source link), his appearance at a Missouri Assembly of God megachurch (source link), his appearance with prosperity teacher Robert Morris (source link) and more. Pulpit & Pen predicted that Driscoll would be going more charismatic and less Reformed (source link) because, as most people know, the charismatic movement is to spiritual ne’er-do-wells what Harlan County is to Boyd Crowder (yes, I just made a pop-culture reference).

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    I wonder how long it will be before he has opposition. There is already a website and pastors against him online.

      Originally posted by William View Post
      Driscoll has been speaking at almost exclusively hyper-charismatic and word-of-faith institutions
      Driscoll knows what it takes to start a mega-church, which is selling what people want, not what God has. His move from semi-Reformed to far-Charismatic shows that he's doubling down on that mega-church strategy. His last church was a "non-denominational" fiasco that crashed and burned when he resigned. It was a multi-site church with at least a dozen locations. After Discoll left, there remained 11 independent churches, and I assume most of them have closed or will soon close.

        Have you read this:

        If one judges a given behavior to be biblically lawful, relationally helpful, and non-addictive, then it is permissible for Christians to participate in that activity. Among the activities that the authors deem permissible within this taxonomy are masturbation, felatio/cunnilingus, sodomy (on both spouses), menstrual sex, role-playing, sex toys, birth control, cosmetic surgery, cybersex, and sexual medication. - My review of Driscoll's Real Marriage
        When I first heard of Mark Driscoll I went to Youtube and go figure, I saw a video where he said something along the lines of God told me to sodomize my wife. That was it for me.
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