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Ben Carson Calls for Surveillance of Churches and Mosques to Counter Terrorism

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  • Ben Carson Calls for Surveillance of Churches and Mosques to Counter Terrorism

    Presidential candidate Ben Carson is asking for better surveillance of churches and mosques and places “where there is a lot of radicalization going on.”


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    Ben Carson lost my vote.

    The power to survey is the power to harass and oppress. I won't vote for anyone who wants the church surveyed and thus harassed and oppressed. We don't treat all people the same, not even remotely. Consider that blacks frequently use the n-word and other racial slurs without consequence, while someone white will likely be fired or expelled from school for saying the n-word, even if they carefully say it in a non-racist fashion. Anyway, that misses the point, government shouldn't be in the business of surveying Americans without probable cause. And, I don't think you're going to find much probable cause to survey Christians to stop Islamic terrorist attacks.


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      Originally posted by Cornelius View Post
      Ben Carson lost my vote.
      I agree.

      Seems to me that Carson is making equilibrium or attempting to balance voters to people please. It makes no sense to me why Christians or churches are being mentioned when the issue is with Muslims, Mosques, or the Islamic religion. I also don't understand why whenever mentioning ISIS leftist keep mentioning Israel. Mention ISIS and people talk about Zionism. There was a cute meme of a liberal taking an eye exam that I can't find. It had the liberal standing in front of an eye chart with ISIS terrorist, and all the liberal could see was Israel Israel Israel. I wonder how many Christian terrorist organizations there are, and how they define "terrorist" to include such organizations if Christian?

      God bless,
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