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Pastor Resigns over Same-sex Marriage Beliefs

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  • Pastor Resigns over Same-sex Marriage Beliefs

    A North Dakota pastor has resigned his position due to his views on same-sex marriage.


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    We should be thankful for pastors who are willing to take a stand for the Bible rather than follow the teaching of their church. I pray that this pastor will soon find a church where he will be free to follow the Bible.
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      I don't know if that pastor was new there, or how the majority of his congregation believe, but, if possible, I would have preferred him to stay. Resigning is like retreating. You should only do it if the battle is lost. As their pastor, and still free to preach the Bible, he should have stayed. He could have spent time grooming his congregation to join a denomination that's not sliding into apostasy. He could have continued to uphold the Bible, and supporting the faithful in the congregation, until the ELCA no longer allowed him to follow the Bible.
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