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Pastors Say September’s ‘Blood Moon’ Could be Sign of Apocalypse

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    Pastors Say September’s ‘Blood Moon’ Could be Sign of Apocalypse

    Two pastors say that September’s “blood moon” is an indication of the impending apocalyptic events leading to Christ’s return.


    "The heavens are God's billboard,” Hagee stated. “He's been sending signals to Earth, and we haven't been picking them up.”

    Hagee is a false teacher if ever there has been one. He's a Dispensationalist who teaches that Jesus didn't claim to be the Messiah. Any pastor who claims this coming blood moon is a sign of the Apocalypsis incompetent, or worse.

    John describes a blood moon in his Revelation vision, but that's deep into the events of the Revelation, after the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, and after mass martyrdom of saints (which Rapturites insist have already been Raptured). And, the sun becomes black, and the stars fall from the sky, at the same time as the moon becomes as blood.


      Being a dispensationalist is irrelevant, since the event will happen according to scriptures. We have had "blood red" moons before... I saw one, but the one during the tribulation will be especially appearing like blood. Google it. I disagree with those pastors, as the sequence of events leading up to it have not yet occurred. It becomes as blood, not that it is literal blood, but looks like blood... it is what they will see in the tribulation, but that is not a vision, just a metaphor describing the moon's appearance.

        Originally posted by Stratcat View Post
        Being a dispensationalist is irrelevant, since the event will happen according to scriptures.
        How we interpret Scripture, namely Prophecy has everything to do with our school of interpretation. Personally, I view a literalistic word for word English to English as rather meaningless (the moon is red), rather than offering a dynamic like equivalence or explanation. A literalistic approach to interpretation concerning Prophecy is rather a lazy way out of actually interpreting. Your thoughts? Literally, am I to gather nothing but a red moon from this Scripture? Hagee says the event could happen, but actually what will happen? Please do not say a really really red moon. I beg of someone to please explain the sign and the event from Revelation 6:12?

        Consider Revelation 6:12 while reflecting Revelation 6:9. Are we literalistically looking at a red moon? Or are the martyrs under the altar crying out for the justice of God? Revelation 6:12-13 the sun becomes black and there are stars falling from heaven. What kind of interpretation is it to say the Sun is blackened, and Moon is red? It's almost kindergarten superstitious ridiculous. The sinful world loses its light. Another words unbelievers are trusting in earthly security. This world is so thoroughly shaken (earthquake), the saints place their hope in God - Luke 12:23-34.

        Excuse my sarcasm, but it seems that these Pastors making this claim believe that Jesus' second coming can't happen until a visible red moon and or eclipse. Nothing more.... thank you pastor Hagee for telling us what "could" be based on a red moon. Just curious, will the event occur when the red moon is visible only to the United States?

        God bless,
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