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R. C. Sproul Jr. Suspended from Ministry after Admitting to Visiting Ashley Madison Website

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    R. C. Sproul Jr. Suspended from Ministry after Admitting to Visiting Ashley Madison Website

    R. C. Sproul Jr. has been suspended by Ligonier Ministries for his admittance to visiting Ashley Madison, an adultery matchmaking website.


    I know of R. C. Sproul Sr., but until this news article, I didn’t know anything about is son, R. C. Sproul Jr. After reading the headline, I thought “Oh great, another immoral Christian who is going to try to drag down the Kingdom of God in an effort to save himself from our judgment.” That’s the pattern of fallen Christian leaders.

    It turns out Jr. is a widower, so he has no wife to cheat on. He also didn’t go so far as to create an account on that adultery website. I don’t know what possessed him to visit that website, but he’s not guilty of a sinful lifestyle, and maybe not even of a premeditated sin. Maybe no sin at all, if he was thinking it was just a dating website (biblically, he’s free to marry). So far, he has accepted discipline from his church, a one-year suspension.

    I found his blog. It’s very refreshing to stumble upon the writings of someone who is a sober-minded, bible-believer. My preliminary conclusion is that Sproul is a good man.

      I agree. My prayers go out to the Sproul family and Ligonier ministry. I was shocked when reading the article, Ligonier being such an esteemed ministry. It will be interesting to follow the disciplinary actions of Ligonier. As far as Jr.s testimony I haven't anything to add, I hesitate towards what may be perceived as gossip. I can't imagine what it must be like to be the son of such an esteemed minister. I mean most have a story of rebelliousness or disobedience or other shortcomings before coming to the Lord, in some ways I take it that children of such esteemed ministers are expected to be products of their father's teachings. Anyways, in regards to being above reproach 1 Timothy 3:2 I am interested in the future actions of Ligonier.

      God bless,
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