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University Institutes Gender-Neutral Pronoun Policy

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    University Institutes Gender-Neutral Pronoun Policy

    The University of Tennessee, Knoxville campus is asking professors to use gender-neutral pronouns to be more welcoming to transgender students.


    Many languages have male and female genders for nouns ("gender" actually applies to words, not people, people are male and female sexes). English has largely shed gender from our words, replacing his/her with "it". For example, a boat isn't a her, unless you're in France. In America, a boat is an "it." "It" is the gender-neutral pronoun. So, I should call transvestites "it" to avoid offending Liberals?

    Gender neutral pronouns include, ze, hir, zir, xe, xem and xyr
    Ah ha, they don't really want gender-neutral pronouns. Those aren't pronouns. They're not words at all. They want allegiance to silliness to prove our approval of self-mutilation and cross-dressing. Such is the way of liberalism, such as calling homosexuals "gay". At least Xe is made up, rather than perverting an existing word. The university could have asked professors to call transvestites "saints" or "friends" (which is exactly the same as calling a homosexual "gay").

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