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Popular Christian Vlogger Admits Ashley Madison Account, Receives Forgiveness

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    Popular Christian Vlogger Admits Ashley Madison Account, Receives Forgiveness

    Christian vlogger Sam Rader admitted that he had an account with the adultery website Ashley Madison, and says that he has asked God and his wife for forgiveness.


    Forget the immorality of adultery, let's consider the complete stupidity of having a Ashley Madison account. Seeking an affair itself is stupid, unless you're ready for your marriage to end and to face public humiliation. People have a way of getting caught, if it wasn't the hacked database, it would have been the change in his behavior and his disappearances that would have exposed him. Our age of porn makes affairs even dumber. Vlogger Sam Rader trying to have an affair is dumber yet, given he has a pretty wife who was recently pregnant, and he has two young children.

    Then there is the account itself. From all I've seen, Ashley Madison caters to men only. The main page of their website features a close up of a young, sexy woman, not exactly the thing to get women to sign up. It makes sense to cater to men because men are the ones who would pay to have an affair (contrary to the constant lies of Liberals, men and women are very different). But, it's completely stupid for a man to actually fork over money, given that obviously there practically wouldn't be any women signing up (a fact verified by the hacked database). Realistically, any female met through Ashley Madison is going to be a prostitute.

    Sam Rader says he didn't have and affair, which I find very credible. But, if were were a follower of his Vlog, I wouldn't be anymore.
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