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Actress Says Hollywood is Not Friendly to People of Faith

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    Actress Says Hollywood is Not Friendly to People of Faith

    Actress Mayim Bialik discusses her faith and admits that Hollywood is not receptive to people who hold religious convictions.


    Given the prominence of Jews in Hollywood, I don't think that the hostility Mayim Bialik faces is for being Jewish. Whoopi Goldberg even changed her name to Goldberg (from Johnson), banking on being perceived as Jewish would help her acting career. Bialik herself is mostly very liberal, openly Jewish but hardly demonstrating any faith.

    Bialik faces hostility for being a "staunch Zionist". No other "western" country, as Israel, is as guilty of human rights violations and other rogue nation behavior. Orthodox Jews don't see Israel as a legitimate Jewish state, for lack of the Messiah establishing it. Non-orthodox Jews, who are often Atheists, also tend not to see Israel as a legitimate Jewish state because the don't much believe in divine right nor ethnic supremacy.

    Bialik doesn't face any hostility for her Jewish faith, but for her Israeli politics. If you want to talk about people who face hostility in Hollywood for their faith, that would be Christians. You can see that hostility pervasively oozing from the entertainment produced by Hollywood.
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