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Atheist Group Backs Couple Who Were Forced to Marry by Texas Judge

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    Atheist Group Backs Couple Who Were Forced to Marry by Texas Judge

    A Texas judge who ruled that a young man had to get married, write down Bible verses, and receive counseling for punishment of a misdemeanor is now facing prosecution himself.


    The atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) issued a formal complaint to Judge Randall Rogers, stating that Rogers had overstepped his constitutional duties by issuing a sentence that imposed his own religious beliefs on the defendant.
    Oh, so now marriage is religious? We have to support SSM, or face fines and jail, because marriage isn't religious, But, if we support marriage for any good reason then marriage is religious. Did the judge say a civil marriage wouldn't count?

    Is the couple that the judge wants to marry complaining, or just the FFRF?

    Are judges not allowed to consider a whole range of factors in handing down sentences? It seems to me that the FFRF is demanding religious discrimination, that judges should be barred from using religious factors as mitigating circumstances. That is, it would be okay to spare the young man from jail time if he agreed to pick up up trash along the highway or any other "positive" commitments, just as long as it's not state-sanctioned marriage.

      I applaud the Judge and his decision. Obviously the defendant refused his sentence for an ultimatum. The Judge observed moral sin in the life of the defendant. The defendant refuses to address either, protecting his girlfriend's virtue he says, by hitting another man that insulted his girlfriend. Obviously that defense was a sham and the moral corrupt defendant belongs behind bars, he has no desire to truly understand nor defend the virtue of another.

      God bless,

        I, also, applaud the judge.

        The judge didn't order the young man to get married, contrary to how the media portrays it. The judge sentenced him to 15 days in jail for assault, a very standard punishment. The judge offered that if the man marries his woman whose virtue he claimed to have been defending, then he'd get out of the standard punishment. The offer of marriage is inherently non-religious (by the standards of our legal system). It's the couple's own concern they want to make it religious. It's typical of judges to suspend sentences based on mitigating factors unrelated to the crime itself, such as for future commitments, like joining the military or joining Alcoholics Anonymous.

        If the man didn't approve, he could have taken the standard punishment.

        I don't see how this complaint against the judge can go anywhere, except Liberals in high places are malevolent and lawless, always seeking excuses to do evil.
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