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South Carolina Baptist Church Allows Gay and Transgender Ministers

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    South Carolina Baptist Church Allows Gay and Transgender Ministers

    A church formerly associated with the Southern Baptist Convention has decided to fully welcome gay and transgender individuals, even allowing them to be ordained in the church.


    A false Christian doesn't follow God. When society is predominantly Christian, as it has been until recent decades, false Christians who follow society often appear Christian. The silver lining to living in a decidedly non-Christian society is that false Christians are exposed because they follow society, not God. SSM is a smoking gun that does away with the cloak of false tolerance and reveals true approval on the issue of the homosexual lifestyle.

    I never really thought that people like Pope Francis or Tony Campolo (author of 20 Hot Potatoes Christians are Afraid to Touch) were Christian because of how they celebrated tolerance and love of homosexuals (and of other pet sinners of Liberals, but not Politically Incorrect sinners). When society agreed that homosxual acts are immoral, these false Christians still maintained nominally that homosexuality is a sin. But, now that society declares the rightesouness of homsoexuals, Tony Campolo has come out to say he no longer believes homosexualiy to be a sin. The truth is, he never did. He never followed God, but it took a change of society to provide the smoking gun.

    If Pope Francis weren't a high official in the Catholic Church, he would be spending his days in a sodomite bath house. Only church doctrine holds him back from declaring his full support of all that sodomites do.

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